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AHCL 33.71 0.71 (2.06%) | AICL 72.5 3.26 (4.3%) | BAFL 17.38 0.14 (0.81%) | BYCO 9.83 0.44 (4.28%) | DCL 4.5 0.04 (0.88%) | DGKC 40.9 1.02 (2.43%) | EFOODS 67.1 1.73 (2.51%) | ENGRO 106.5 1.31 (1.25%) | EPCL 11.89 0.08 (0.68%) | FATIMA 24.8 0.12 (0.49%) | FCCL 6.23 0.11 (1.74%) | FFBL 42.1 1.07 (2.61%) | FFC 117 0.15 (0.13%) | HUBC 39.01 0.08 (0.21%) | ICIBL 1.06 0.19 (21.84%) | JSCL 16.75 0.16 (0.95%) | JSIL 9.55 0.19 (1.95%) | LPCL 4.42 0.27 (5.76%) | LUCK 126.19 1.12 (0.88%) | PAEL 6.35 0.55 (9.48%) | PAKRI 17.14 0.22 (1.30%) | PTC 15.39 0.63 (3.93%) | TRG 4.05 0.51 (14.41%) |






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